Business Security System in Oklahoma

The DRAGON will AMAZE you with quality equipment, installation and monitoring at affordable prices. Security is a must for any business in Oklahoma.  Don’t wait until after you have suffered a loss. Stop the thief before he targets what you have worked so hard to build. Take action to protect your business before the thief shows up. Most burglaries result in $1,500 in damage plus what is stolen.
Remote Ar/Disarm

Remote Arm/Disarm

Dragon Security’s state-of-the-art equipment allows you to choose many security options. You have control of your business even when you are not there.



When the last person has left your business without arming your security system, you will receive a text message saying you need to arm your system.

Touch Screen Control

Touch Screen Control

Easy to use touch screen control with bright colors. No more old fashion ugly buttons you cant see at night.

Options for Security Cameras/Access Control

Camera/Access Control

Add smart options at any time. Door locks, lighting,, turn small appliance on /off are a few of the available options. Security cameras may be added inside and outside of your business. Add access control for sensitive areas.

Security System


Every business must have a security alarm! Security cameras have also become an important part of the security for every business. Do not wait until you are the target of a thief. Stop the thief before you are targeted.Security needs change dramatically from business to business. We are able to provide the correct security that matches your needs. Whether you need the standard security products or very high tech equipment, we have what you need.

Home Automation


Remote viewing and automation are needed in almost every business. Let Dragon security show you what is available to protect your business.



Security cameras have become a must for every business. There are many to choose from. It is easy to guess wrong and end up with cameras that cannot get the job done. Let Dragon Security install the correct cameras and be amazed at the quality of your video.