Security Cameras in Oklahoma

Security cameras are a valuable tool for helping catch criminals or having a record of events. Dragon Security installs high definition cameras for use in residential, commercial and remote environments in Oklahoma. Let us AMAZE you with our ability to meet your video needs. Get the correct camera for the job. With so many cameras to chose from, it’s easy to guess wrong. The professionals at Dragon Security will AMAZE YOU with the difference getting the correct camera will make. Get the job done right with Dragon Security.
Security Setup


Choose indoor or outdoor cameras. Do you need a camera at the front door and one at the swimming pool. Maybe you want cameras surrounding your house. See what is happening outside your home whether you are home or away.

School Security Camera

Schools, Churches, Retail

We have camera systems that will track an intruder through the building using facial recognition. The user has complete control to lock doors, send video to local police station or to an individual police car in rout to a situation. Campuses with several buildings will love our complete control video security system.

Remote Environments

Remote Environments

We are able to transmit video several miles with direct line of sight. We have solar powered cameras, day / night, long range, wide angle. Some that don’t transmit require a DVR or NVR.

Commercial Applications


We have cameras for almost any commercial venue Retail, manufacturing, farming, ranching are all covered by Dragon security.